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I can help you resolve your dispute through mediation or arbitration. These processes allow you to find a low cost, "win-win" solution that works for you.

I can help solve your disputes in several ways. I can represent you in informal negotiations before anyone has decided to sue in court. I am a skilled negotiator, and represent companies and individuals like you in local, international and multi-cultural negotiations. I also mediate all types of commercial or business disputes. Finally, I have represented parties in arbitrations in both the US and Japan.

I am particularly able to assist if you believe that litigation in Japan is the best way to resolve a dispute with a Japanese partner.

I am a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and the Japan Arbitrators Association. I am currently pursuing certification as a mediator with the Washington State Mediation Association, and am a Visiting Scholar at the University of Washington, where I am researching international commercial mediation.

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