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I can help you create a company in Japan and help you negotiate business relationships with your Japanese partners. I can assist you in drafting and negotiating a license agreement, a product distribution contract, a franchise agreement, a research collaboration agreement, and or a joint venture contract.

I provide legal advice, assist in business strategy, and negotiate and draft various types of business contracts. I also advise on how to package your business proposal so that your Japanese partner will be most receptive to it. When negotiations deadlock, I can held you decide how and when you should push your Japanese business partner to achieve the results that you desire.

You might send e-mail and engage in other correspondence with your Japanese prospects. Often your Japanese partner might respond in perfectly grammatical English, but you find that you misunderstand your partner and are misunderstood by them. I am able to assist you by quickly cutting through the confusion, facilitating communication, and reach a solution that most benefits you.

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